Our services

Our services are especially designed to help organizations achieve sustainable & feasible results by empowering people and improving systems and processes.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Offering a data-driven environment that depends on live dashboards and integration with various Project Management Information Systems "PMIS."

Core Business Operation Framework

Development of tailored operational frameworks that link the strategy development with execution and implementation to assure that the end product/service/project is well established

Full Potential Transformation Project

Transform corporates, entities, and platforms from traditional way of work to a business-process-driven environment with innovative solutions and methodologies

Strategy Development

Creation of a tailored feasible strategy and assure of its further development by developing an implementation plan.

Digital Transformation

Leverage digitalization frameworks within organizations to cope with the digital business revolution and to facilitate the way how the work is executed

Brand Strategy & Identity

Design a Brand Strategy that helps in brand positioning by leveraging informative and visual identity

Digital Platforms

Development of Digital Platforms starting from the ideation phase, passing through design thinking and customer journey, and finally putting it in action.

Business Planning & Consultancy

Acting as a business planner and consultant for organizations, in which Stradigi supports in business model creation, projected financial plans, and organizational structure

AI Operations ā€œArtificial Intelligence"

Employing ML & AI to help business automation and more productivity.

Enterprise Technology & Performance

Development of enterprise technology solutions and architecture

Strategies that help businesses to innovate and elevate.


Growth Strategy

Market penetration, market expansion, product expansion, diversification, and acquisition.


Acquisition Strategy

Support in acquisition and consolidation processes


Differentiation Strategy

Analyze competitors, trends, and markets to create a unique competitive advantage.


Price Skimming Strategy

Development of a price skimming phasing out with precise target audiences


Transformational Strategy

Ensuring long-term success by leveraging transformational techniques such as digitalization

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